ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy

ABC Mouse is FREE while using computers at one of our 15 public libraries. CLICK HERE for online learning fun for ages 2-6+. You'll have free access to books, music and songs, games, puzzles, art activities and even an interactive zoo.

Books & Reading

Just Read, Florida! 1000 Books to Read Before Kindergarten Explore Seusville Magin Tree House

What's Up

5/24/2023 Help decide the future of Your Lake Libraries!

1/26/2023 Beanstack: Your FitBit for Reading

3/25/2021 Mobile printing is here!

Activities & Games

The Lakeline Kids Activities & Games page provides a large list of links to fun games on kid-safe sites.

Watch Videos of famous people reading children's books aloud.

Lakeline Kids Story Corner

Stories Read to You by the Author
Click on the link above for a list of websites where you can listen to the author read their stories to you.

Authors & Illustrators
Ever wonder how a book gets started? Where do the ideas come from? And those drawings — who does them? Meet our fabulous authors and illustrators who are the creators of all of your favorite stories, learn how they got started, where they live, what other books they created and even find some games and more fun stuff!


School Resources

Mixing in Math
MiM was created to help parents and educators mix math into what they already do with grades K-6 children (e.g., crafts, cooking, games). No education training, special materials, or extra prep time needed! No special math background needed! So, parents visit this website for study ideas, games and activities you can use to help your child develop their math skills. Topics include: geometry, counting, measurement, arithmetic, estimation, time, data, money and algebra.

Search Your School's Libraries
Visit Lake County Schools web site to be taken to a list of Lake County schools that have searchable library catalogs. Click on the school of your choice, then click on the "Catalog" tab at the top of the page to search that school's library catalog.