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The Writers Page: How Does It Fly?

How Does It Fly?
By Eleanor Keiper

As I sit in this plan at the airport gate
I’m thinking……….
Thousands and thousands of pounds of weight

People and luggage, hardware and fuel,
To get off the ground, it seems to break every rule.

That light things go up, and heavy things go down
This thing shouldn’t fly! I say with a frown.

But wonder of wonders, Fly it does. Up, up high into the sky!
And I’m left to just sit and keep wondering why…..

An earthbound species like humans ever decided it was meant to be,
That gigantic machine would enable you and me.

To soar like a bird, or a cloud, or a star,
All more wonderful creatures, by far.

But, grateful, I am to the dreamers out there…..
That I, too, can soar up, up high into the air.

So, as I sit in this plan at the airport gage,
I’m thinking………
How Dare I complain that this “Magical Machine”