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The Writers Page: Spying on Mice

Spying on Mice
By Rosalind Jennings

Ten field mice from Bixby
Came calling for tea
One came on sunbeams
The others by sea

Two held a knapsack
Another brought gruel
One was a baker
The fourth one, a fool

A fat mouse wore pin stripes
Some shoed their bare feet
A fair one dropped velvet
To keep clean her silk seat

Well after some paw-shakes
And pats on the back
All were quite ready
For drinks and a snack


So, while the mice nibbled
In dandelions’ hall
Out of the bushes
Did, Flo, the cat, crawl

She pawed at their whiskers
She pounced on their tails
She hissed, “I’ll eat you!
Mid limb-thrusting flails

The fool began laughing
The baker ran mad
Two took to hiding
The others grew sad

The fair one sobbed loudly
As the fat one fell flat
Parasols lay scattered
Among crumbs and a hat

And then when it seemed
The mice fates were sealed
That baker flung gruel
And squealed “MONSTER YIELD”

That cat stood in mess
From fur head to toe
I, dressed in bright white,
Skipped up and wailed “FLO”

Then I scolded my pet,
“You naughty old cat!”
And I scooped her right up
Before she could scat



The fair one sniffed softly

While the others just sighed

Then she hugged the fine baker

And his chest filled with pride


So, as the mice sang ditties,

While sipping on tea,

 Flo frowned in soapsuds

As she looked at me


But don’t feel sorry

For my sudsy, striped cat

Later, dear reader,

Flo did catch a rat!