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The Writers Page: The Gossimer Vision

The Gossimer Vision
By Martin McGarvey

The silent night was clear and balmy and the stars were out in sparkling profusion. Flowers in the garden filled the breeze withy perfumed essence. A tall willowy figure wearing a transparent bridal train trimmed with a clasp of Forget-me-nots moved like a vision in the rays of the fountain. Long legs drifted slowly and gracefully by the low wall. The hair beneath the train sparkled like a living thing. Her breath rose and fell. From her golden strapless gown around her slender delicate waist trailed a pure white sash that twirled in the breeze. The sandals she wore made not sound as she moved across the green grass. Her face, throat and shoulders were pale as the chalk of a broken statue with curved brows above large lashed eyes and a straight small nose. A cupid bowed upper lip and a slightly bee stung lower on a heart shaped face made up this vision of loveliness.

In her hand she slowly turned a long stemmed red rose. As she approached, the bowered trellis, the rose began to glow a dark emerald light. As she grew closer, the hue grew lighter and lighter until it was a pale green, almost yellow. She stepped into the arbor there was a blinding flash of light, first white the gold orange and red. Then blackness, a small spotlight on the golden gown covered by the Forget-me-not train, snow white sash and wilted rose. A sacrifice to the computer lord that now controlled the world.