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The Writers Page: Jesus

By Zac Spalding

You are what I grasp onto,
my shimmering light,
my everlasting friend.
You dance in the wind
and tap in a piano’s ramblings,
spreading, clenching onto people’s hearts,
those handfuls of black mass
and sinful deceit.

Your love is my eternal hope,
my faith, You are my faith.
I walk through these dead streets,
“Wake up! You people” I shout,
my voice devoured in emptiness.
You breathe fresh springs of water
into my soul. My heart You cleanse
with Your torn hands.

I dive into a pool of red,
sinking under, under.
It is You who washes me ashore,
on a ravine cut into sin,
the devil’s teeth picking at my spine.
But You pick me up
when I am drenched in black.
I love You, Jesus, my Savior.