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April - June 2009     VOLUME 13 ISSUE 2
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Lake County Historical Museum

Dr. Diane Kamp

The Lake County Historical Museum has been serving Lake County residents for more than 40 years. When the Historic Courthouse was restored to its present condition in November, 1998, the Museum became the central focus of the restoration and received a coveted state restoration/rehabilitation award. The building received the honor of being placed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

The attendance has grown from 5,000 in 1998 to more than 55,000 during its most attended year. The Museum has had visitors from all 50 states and more than 50 foreign countries. It is ranked as one of the Top 100 Museums in Florida and has received numerous national and world-wide recognitions. It has been the subject of hundreds of print, radio and television pieces, including being named as “One of the Coolest Museums in Central Florida”!

The museum has well over 100 exhibits, many of which are interactive. It represents the history of the Lake County area from prehistoric times, the lives of its indigenous peoples, its early towns and pioneers, to the present day. The museum gives an excellent informal and inviting look into the rich fabric of life that makes Lake County today.

Exhibits at the museum are always changing. There are entertaining and surprising snippets of Lake County history at every turn! Did you know that the inspiration for the Indiana Jones character retired to Eustis? How about the hidden gold treasures that are secreted here? Do Lincoln conspiracy stories pique your interest? There are more than 20 Lake County/ Lincoln assassination connections that we have uncovered…so far! Lake County has two Medal of Honor recipients each of whose stories are showcased in the museum with one of the actual Medals on exhibit.

The Lake County Women’s Hall of Fame is also housed in the museum.

The museum serves many different populations including special and unique groups of all ages with a variety of needs-particular programs, exhibits and arrangements. The museum is handicapped accessible.

The Lake County Historical Museum also sponsors several unique special events throughout the year including the “Annual Holiday Tree Festival” and “The Lake County Historical Museum International Pickle Festival”!

Admission to the museum is free.