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July - September 2014     VOLUME 18 ISSUE 3
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July Events @ Marianne Beck Memoiral Library

Tara Hall

The Marianne Beck Memorial Library has some outstanding programs happening this summer.  They include the following:

July 3rd - 3 p.m. The Ocean, Elementary Summer Reading Program 

July 4th - CLOSED for Independence Day

July 7th - 1 p.m. National Chocolate Day,  Do you have a favorite chocolate recipe?  Bring it in and share the recipe and the treat itself!

July 10th - 3 p.m. The Sound of Music, Elementary Summer Reading Program 

July 11th - 10 a.m. The five senses--smell, Toddler Summer Reading Program 

July 15th - 1 p.m. Cow Appreciation Day, come in find out these wonderful animals and how much they contribute to our world

July 17th - 3 p.m. Build It!, Elementary Summer Reading Program

July 18th - 10 a.m. The fives senses--sight, Toddler Summer Reading Program

July 23rd - 1 p.m. Vanilla Ice Cream Day, Let's have fun with desserts made with vanilla ice cream!  Bring yours in and share with others.

July 24th - 3 p.m. Backyard Naturalist then PARTY!!!!  Elementary Summer Reading Program

July 25th - 10 a.m. The five senses--sound then PARTY!!!! Toddler Summer Reading Program

July 30th - 1 p.m. National Cheesecake Day How many cheescake flavors can we taste?  Bring in your favorite and enjoy others.

June 16th - July 21st Teens, read five books during this time and give the Library Director a review of those books and join us for a pizza party on the 21st.

July 1st - July 29th Adults, pick up that book you have been putting off and read it for our bingo game for a chance at winning a prize!