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April - June 2014     VOLUME 18 ISSUE 2
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Leesburg Literary Arts Festival

Authors and Storytellers @ the Library!
Carol Anderson

Thousands attended the colorful Leesburg Art Festival in historic downtown Leesburg on March 8th and 9th, enjoying beautiful weather.  For the first time ever, the Leesburg Public Library participated by presenting local authors and adult storytellers in front of the Library.  On Saturday, audiences were regaled by "Cajun Folk & Family Tales" told by Cheryl Floyd, "The Webelo and the Docent" told by Jessica McCune, and "Pennies and More" told by Ann Scroggie.  Sunday's storytellers included Jeremy Evans telling "The Fine Art of Lying" and Chris Kastle telling "Pubs, Pipers and the Speckled Door."  Local authors who presented their books at booths on both days were Pete Ahern, 3-Pete: One Man's Journey; Lisa DeMarco, The Unusual Tales of Matilda Marmalade; Glorianne Seymour Fahs, Images of America: Leesburg; Don Polly, Ethan Maguire; and Ruth McIntyre Williams, Merthyr.  The event was judged a huge success and plans are already being made to make sure next year's Leesburg Art Festival also includes the Literary Arts!