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October - December 2013     VOLUME 17 ISSUE 4
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Cagan Staff Welcomes New Youth Services Assistant

Casey Knudsen

Casey Knudsen is a Lake County native and no stranger to Lake County Libraries. Over the years, Casey has served as a volunteer in various county departments, including Lake County Libraries HQ. Additionally, she worked as a Library Page in the children’s department at the Eustis Memorial Library where she maintained the section and assisted with programming.

Casey received her Master’s degree in Library Science from the University of South Florida (GO BULLS!!!) and her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Central Florida (GO KNIGHTS!!!). Casey’s dream was to work in a professional capacity in the children’s department of a local library and she is so thankful that Lake County has given her the opportunity to start her professional career.

In her spare time, Casey enjoys reading, spending time with her family, going on adventures in her Corvette, dancing, and watching collegiate and professional sports. She is excited to join the Lake County Libraries staff as a Youth Services Library Assistant at Cagan Crossing Community Library and is looking forward to seeing what kind of “trouble” she can get into there.