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April - June 2013     VOLUME 17 ISSUE 2
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2013 Viva Libros! BookFest Poetry Contest Awards

Scott Amey

A special poetry event was held this year as part of the 2013 Lake County BookFest. The Viva Libros! Poetry Contest offered local writers the opportunity of being reviewed by Pulitzer Prize nominee Vivian Shipley.

There were 19 winners selected from an incredible 87 submissions. These poets attended a special private workshop with Ms. Shipley on Thursday, March 14th in the W.T. Bland Public Library. The winning poems will also be published on the Lake County Library System website Writers’ Page.

The winning poets and their poems are as follows:

Roderick Billette                 The Otter
Kathy Burkett                     Inside the Psychiatrist’s Den
Leslie Castle                      Fledgling
Judi Ciance                        Good Morning Mrs. President
Melinda Gammon               Imagine
Tina Giansante                   Window
Pam Hayes                        I spent some time with Emily
Richard Henderson             Graveside Solace
Susan Jaillet                      Cracker jacks
Janet Kabourek                  Hope
Mary Ann Kalonick             Apathy
Reatha Thomas Oakley      Maybe it's Cancer
Amy O'Malley                    would you
Marc Rissman                   Walnut fudge
Emily C. Ross                   I'll just step out
Peggy Seely                     Pied Piper of Celia's Cafe
Pat Shamrock                   No Longer Cold
Robert Toto                       The Ron B
Dian Zirilli-Mares                Waiting for Steve

The poems are posted on the Writers' Page, Poetry Section.  The numbers at the top of each page reflect the submission order, the winners were not ranked.