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July - September 2012     VOLUME 16 ISSUE 3
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Adult Literacy Program needs volunteer tutors

Erika L. Greene

As we enter the summer months filled with vacations and long days many of us wonder what we can do differently that will improve our lives and the lives of others. The Lake County Library System Adult Literacy Program can offer you an amazing opportunity!

The Adult Literacy Program is designed to provide adults, who are interested in improving their English language skills, an opportunity to work with a volunteer tutor to achieve their literacy goals – specifically, improved conversation, reading, and writing skills. Most adult learners are interested in developing their English skills to maintain a current job or transition to a better job; improving their ability to communicate with medical professionals or their child’s school; or prepare for the GED or other certification classes.

How is this achieved? There are a variety of opportunities for Volunteer Tutors - tutoring, computer lab assistant, mini-course facilitator, program assistant, learner orientation and more! Volunteer tutors are provided training, support, and resources to enable them to work with adult learners in one-to-one or small group meetings. They meet at their local Lake County library and have access to books, multi-media kits, cd-roms/dvds, games, computer-based tools, and other resources to help the learners achieve their goals.

What can you do?  Do something for yourself…
Consider joining the Adult Literacy Tutor Team! Do you have 2-4 hours per week and have you always thought it would be wonderful to help someone learn to read or be able to communicate better? With a little training and support you could become a part of this amazing program!

Contact Erika L. Greene at 352-253-6183 or to learn more about the Adult Literacy Program and register for the next new tutor training. And don't forget to visit the Adult Literacy Program website for more details.