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October - December 2011     VOLUME 15 ISSUE 4
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Cooper Library Expands Programming

Sandy Price

The staff of Cooper Memorial Library is currently expanding programming for the upcoming year. The year has been divided into four themed time periods. The themes are Holiday Happenings, Follow the Sun, Spring into Fun and Express Yourself. The staff is currently working on events to schedule for each time period. Library staff will also be offering ongoing computer classes for the public.

For the Holiday Happenings which will be held from October thru December, we are anticipating 2 or 3 craft demonstrations. In October, a pumpkin decorating demonstration will be our first event. In November, a floral centerpiece demonstration and class is being scheduled. We hope to have a third demonstration in December for a holiday decoration. Also in this time period, a holiday musical series is being planned for three successive Monday evenings after Thanksgiving.

The next theme is Follow the Sun which will be aimed at the Snowbirds from January thru March. Meal Planning, Finances, and Retirement Planning are a few of the events planned during this period. For April thru June, Spring into Fun is the theme. Square Foot Gardening, Closing Your Seasonal Home, and De-cluttering are some events for this time period. Express Yourself is our summer theme to coordinate with our Summer Reading Program. Teen bands and caricatures have been suggested.

We are also restructuring our computer classes. There will be 5 classes: Computer Basics with a introductory class and an intermediate class ; Internet with an introductory class and an intermediate class ; and an eBooks class. The classes will begin in November and the sign-up will start in October.