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July - September 2008     VOLUME 12 ISSUE 3
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East Lake Library Happenings

30,000+ Items Waiting for Check Out

When we opened in October 2000 we never envisioned having over 30,000 items in the library that was around 5,000 square feet. That number is now a reality. Many people don't realize all that is contained in these four walls. We have books, audio books on CD and tape, videos, DVDs, magazines and other items. Many are available for check out and are just waiting to be used.

Our adult section has a very fine fiction section with many popular authors and a non-fiction section covering many sections. One of our most popular sections is the cookbooks. We have many of the chefs and food presenters featured on Food Network. We have a small but growing Large Print section that has both fiction and non-fiction books. There is also a truly great collection of audio books in CD, tape and self-contained MP3 player. We have magazines ranging from Readers Digest to Taste of Home and from Newsweek to People. Finally, don't forget we have plenty of movies on tape and DVD.

The kids section is like a mini adult section. We have everything mentioned above but for kids. We have many great series that kids want including the Spiderwick Chronicles, Lemony Snicket, Goosebumps, Geronimo Stilton, etc. We have also many subjects they are interested in for pleasure and for school. The magazines include Nick Magazine, National Geographic for Kids, Ranger Rick, etc. There is always something a child can find to check out.

The teenagers are far from forgotten. They have their own section located away from the kids. They too have a mini adult section. Their fiction includes a great graphic novels collection, anime/manga collection, Harry Potter series and many authors that are popular. Their non-fiction section covers the subjects that they are concerned with. They also have audio books and magazines that are of interest to them.

We also have a small but growing Spanish language collection. There are fiction, non-fiction, Young Adult, kids and videos. Many of the DVDs we carry have the Spanish language captioning ability.

Remember that if we don't have it you can always request it from another library in the Lake County Library System or even outside our system.

Come see what a small library has to offer and enjoy it's collection!!!!