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October - December 2010     VOLUME 14 ISSUE 4
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Library Snapshot Day

Florida Library Association
FLA Public Relations

The Florida Library Association and the State Library and Archives of Florida are organizing Greetings from Florida – Florida Library Snapshot Day on January 25, 2011 as part of a broader effort organized by the American Library Association. Library Snapshot Day provides a way for libraries of all types across the state to show what happens in a single day in their libraries.

Library staff members document in statistics, stories and photographs “a day in the life” of their library. This data is then aggregated and posted on a Web site; the result is a powerful statistical package that shows the positive impact libraries have on their communities all over the state on a daily basis.

For information: Twitter: FLASnapshotDay or Facebook: Florida Library Snapshot Day
Contact: Anne Haywood, FLA Public Relations Committee: