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July - September 2008     VOLUME 12 ISSUE 3
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Hispanic Outreach Program

Outstanding Response
Maria Ramirez

In the past two months the Hispanic Outreach Project has held focus group meetings with each of the participating libraries and the communities in Groveland, Astor, Cagan Crossings and Tavares. Families have expressed their challenges, shared their needs and concerns. We have learned that in almost every community learning English as a second language is a priority. Due to the continuous outreach and as a result of these meetings, individuals have received their library card for the first time, have been connected with an ESOL tutor, enrolled in computer training and are beginning to use many other services. They have committed to get involved and help one another as well as have a line of communication within the community and library. Library Services continues to serve and reach out to all Hispanic communities in Lake County.  For additional Information call 352-253-6187.