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July - September 2009     VOLUME 13 ISSUE 3
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A Collaborative Public and Academic Library

Cooper Memorial Library
Dennis Smolarek

The Cooper Memorial Library is set to open its doors at its new location at 2525 Oakley Seaver Drive, in Clermont, on Monday, August 17th, 2009. It will be a cooperative library that will serve both the general public and the academic community. In addition, it will offer many unique features that will be available for all of its patrons. The library will offer more than 100 computers for public use, accessible throughout the adult, children’s, and teen areas. 

On the first floor, there are many areas of interest. The children’s area will house a special story room for library programs and an outdoor garden area for relaxation and just enjoying the outdoors, in addition to the collection. The café is where you can go and satisfy your hunger with a light lunch or snack, or just quench your thirst with a cold refreshing beverage. There is also a special area set aside for the teens and young adults, where they can get together to meet, read, or surf the Internet in a space that they can truly call their own. All of the library’s A/V materials, including DVDs, DADs, music CDs, and CD audiobooks, will be together on the 1st floor, along with the Large Print collection. This will allow patrons easy access to all of our most popular items in all of the most requested formats. Of special note for our patrons’ convenience, there will be self-checkout stations available in our circulation area where patrons can quickly and easily check out their own library materials. The Lake County Law Library collection, which houses our law books and legal collection, will reside on the 2nd floor.

Cooper Memorial Library looks forward to providing its patrons with continued exceptional customer service in its new shared public and academic library.