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For immediate release - June 24, 2013

2013 East Lake County Library Poetry Contest Winners

The winners of the 11th Annual Poetry Contest have been announced. The contest, held in honor of National Poetry Month, was judged by the Palm Writer's Group.

Children’s Age Group (up to 12 Years Old)

1st Place Tanner Gronlund, “The Home Run”
2nd Place Briana Hall, “Snap”
3rd Place Kalie Stearns, “My Tree”
Honorable Mention Winston McBride, “Colorful Similies”
Honorable Mention Alexandra Fales, “A Day No More Beautiful”
Honorable Mention Taylor Moler, “I’m A Little Apple”
Honorable Mention Luca Cardenas, “Ode to a Tennis Ball”
Honorable Mention Justin Byrd, “Book Report – Dinosaurs”

Teen Age Group (13-18)
1st Place Emily Febo, “I Am A Musician…”
2nd Place Kaija Wesner, “The Photo”
3rd Place Kailey Albritton, “Reflection”
Honorable Mention Nathan Peeler, “Photo-picture of a dog”
Honorable Mention Christelle Mesilien, “I Am”
Honorable Mention Katherine Hacic, “Captain Crunch vs Smack”
Honorable Mention Hannah Blase, “Saying Goodbye”
Honorable Mention Rebecca Rose, “ I’m Trapped…”

Adult Age Group (19 +)
1st Place Kathy Philpot, “I Curse the Internet”
2nd Place Emily Ross, “The Kitten”
3rd Place Betty Spencer, “Letting Go”
Honorable Mention Sarah Bottomley, “Holding Faith Hostage”
Honorable Mention Jake Beahan, “Shooting Pool at Close Quarters”
Honorable Mention Kathy Philpot, “The Sixties (Start to Finish)”
Honorable Mention Linda Monago, “The Puzzle”
Honorable Mention Samantha Deal, “Someone Else’s Place”

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