Kevin McCarthy, Aviation in Florida.

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Paisley County Library
24954 County Road 42 , Paisley
Thursday, March 14, 2013
6:30 p.m.

Author Kevin McCarthy has published 54 books, mostly about Florida history, culture, and sports. Florida—land of perpetual sunshine, open spaces, and endless blue skies perfect for flying. Blimps, hot air balloons, bi-wings, jets, space shuttles—you name it: if you can fly it, you can fly it here, and many aviators have. From the launch of Amelia Earhart’s final flight to the world’s first scheduled airplane flight, important events in aviation have taken place in Florida. Author Kevin McCarthy covers all aspects of Florida’s varied and colorful aviation history: In 1909, after the Wright Brothers turned down a request from Miami’s mayor to set up a school of aeronautics there, Glenn Hammond Curtiss stepped in and established America’s fourth landing field and the first in the South.

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